About Ana De Alba – Mexican Chef

Ana De Alba

A Third-Generation Mexican Chef

Trays of pan dulce and other Mexican baked goods cool on metal racks, flour-dusted Mexican chefs craft traditional cakes, tamales sit on the counter waiting to be steamed as the sun is just starting to rise. Overseeing it all is Ana De Alba.

Heading up the team of Mexican chefs who run De Alba Bakery is a family tradition – one passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter. Today, Ana manages the de la familia business, just as her mother did before her, and her grandmother before that; ensuring that De Alba Bakery remains connected to the members of Texas’ Rio Grande Valley community. She has been CFO of the De Alba Bakery since 2006 when she took over leadership of her parents’ heirloom family bakery as head Mexican chef for the family business; and while today Ana has visions of a nationwide business, her ambitions started years ago when she was working as a cashier.

There were years and multiple jobs between her first taste of working for family at De Alba Bakery and 2006 when Ana took up her current position as CFO and head Mexican chef; but she took her mother’s de la familia philosophy everywhere she went. For Ana, this meant treating each customer and co-worker as family and working as hard as if she were working for her parents.

Having graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio in 1999 with a degree in finance, Ana now pursues her true passion – preserving artisanal traditions in the De Alba Bakery kitchens. She’s not only the CFO, but the head Mexican chef safeguarding years of Hispanic culinary traditions.

Today, Ana has taken these skills – her exacting standards for organization and communication paired with her drive and her passion for efficiency – and is revolutionizing her family business and its team of artisanal Mexican chefs. Ana envisions an operation that allows her to share love through baked goods with the entire country, on a national level – a once distant dream that is quickly becoming a reality.

For Ana, the heirloom baking secrets, humility and a “for family” philosophy that have always been an integral part of the business remain the most important elements of De Alba Bakery. She and her family believe good foods and traditions should be shared; and they are doing just that with every meal De Alba Bakery prepares.


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