Current Openings at De Alba Bakery

About the Position:

The most important characteristics of our customer service cashier’s are that they love to serve and care for others. We strive to always give the quality of service that we would hope to receive ourselves. Our cashiers are primarily responsible for ensuring that our bakeries maintain a presentable working environment and collaborate with each of our guests and employees.

Cashiers will also become an expert of De Alba products to best care for our guest experience. We want all of our cashiers to be humble, compassionate, caring, selfless, disciplined, and never settle for mediocrity. We are stewards of Mexican culture, bringing out the best in each other and inviting everyone to witness that. We strive to provide employees a place they want to be – a thriving, fun and respectful environment that feels like home.

What are we looking for?

  • A candidate who finds true joy in serving others.
  • Someone passionate about the Mexican culture upon which this company was built on.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Humble and teachable attitude.
  • Job Knowledge
  • Dedication and tireless efforts to achieve our common goals

How to Apply:

If you are the perfect fit, please fill out the provided form with your resume and qualifications. Remember, we are looking for a strong sales associate with a sense of familia and a love of the Mexican culture. We want to see you shine in our family.


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