Joy 4 Angels

Joy 4 Angels

Joy for Angels was founded in the summer of 2014 by the De Alba family. At Joy for Angels our calling is to help the less fortunate and the most defenseless which is where our heart is as well. This principle of giving has become such a cornerstone for us and will continue to be. The name ‘Joy for Angels’ comes from the complete purpose of this organization – to bring joy to children who do not have much to be joyful about.

Ana de Alba, youngest daughter of the De Alba’s and now the President of De Alba Bakery, LLC had her life changed at the early age of 8 in one of these holiday seasons of giving, with her parents. She had never witnessed such gratitude, joy and emotion as she did in these children’s laughs and tears of joy from getting their gifts.  Her heart and passion to help the less fortunate children was ignited that holiday season and it only grew from there.  She was able to get a glimpse of her parent’s childhood by seeing first hand in the eyes of these children in Mexico.

The De Alba Family has come to realize that there is so much joy in giving rather than receiving. This is a family that came from very humble beginnings.  They know what it is like to dream of having a toy or a candy as a child and knowing that it would only stay a dream. Now having been blessed by opportunities, they cannot forget those desires of children that live in extreme poverty – which was once them.

Christmas 2014 was the official first year for Joy for Angels. As a non-profit we were able to donate a great amount of toys and bicycles to children in a very impoverished area in Mexico. We are excited to start planning for this year and we are hopeful that together we would be able to be an even bigger blessing to families.


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