Mission’s Homemade Tamales – De Alba Bakery

Mission, Texas

De La Familia Homemade Tamale

2910 N. Conway
(956) 583-3004

Hours: Mon-Sat 6:00am – 9:00pm
Closed Sundays to allow employees time for family and worship.

Mission’s Homemade Tamales – De Alba Bakery

With the De Alba Bakery location in McAllen, Texas, having grown so large, with a substantial number of guests visiting from nearby towns, Dora De Alba decided to open De Alba Bakery’s second location in the neighboring city of Mission, offering the same de la familia promise and homemade tamales to an even larger community base.

Instead of seeing their current business split between the McAllen and Mission when the second bakery opened in 1998, business doubled. Business at the second location was booming from day one, as local families responded strongly to the warmth of the de la familia love that each sweet bread and homemade tamales carried. Each morning, ranchers visit the bakery for a taste of authentic Mexican cooking, with kids stopping by with their parents for a sweet bread or two after school.

If you visit on any day of the week, you will also see many colorful, traditional cakes being carried out of the doors, as the festive, family-oriented nature of the clientele set this bakery apart from the other De Alba Bakery locations.

The Mission team are expert pastry chefs, selling more cakes than any of the

other De Alba bakeries, and vibrantly colored frostings are a staple in the kitchen. Whether the bakers are creating cakes for wedding, quinceañera or other celebrations, large family gatherings in Mission are incomplete without a traditionally baked, vibrantly decorated Mexican cake from De Alba Bakery.

Another signature item for the De Alba Bakery in Mission is masa, a traditional, fresh ground corn paste that is used to make homemade tamales. The sweet smell of baking masa blends with the scents of cakes into an intoxicating aroma that is reminiscent of Ana De Alba’s abuela’s household kitchen bakery back in Mexico. The same artisanal baking secrets and family recipes are used to make each batch of masa, and every tamale that leaves the store is made de la familia, from scratch.

Ana says part of what makes Mission special is her parents’ partnership in building the business. Her father, with his shrewd sense of business and logical business flow, and her mother, with her warm sense of love and creativeness, blend to create a perfectly balanced business atmosphere. It’s commitment you can taste in every cake and every homemade tamale.


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