Beef Tamales


Quantity: 12 Tamales (1 Dozen)

Prepared using slow-cooked beef, all-natural Mexican seasonings and Bola Tamales signature red gluten free masa blend, our beef tamales are hand-wrapped in cornhusks and prepared using authentic artisanal culinary techniques.

SKU: beef-tamales.

When we began making our Mexican beef tamales, the entire Bola Tamales family was in awe of the new textures, tastes and smells of this non-traditional tamale ingredient served in an authentic mix of red masa and hand-wrapped in a cornhusk. A blend of old-world techniques and modern flavor inspirations, Bola Tamales Mexican beef tamales are unmistakable in their authenticity because they are made using the an unwavering commitment to love, pride of purpose and to honoring the culinary techniques learned at our grandmother’s humble kitchen counter.

Each time we prepare our Mexican beef tamales, we begin by slow-cooking the beef in broth designed to celebrate the tender, hearty simplicity of the beef filling – a warm embrace. While the process to prepare each Mexican beef tamale is time-consuming and labor intensive, it is this added effort to preserve the dedicated beauty of food cooked from scratch, with love that makes our beef tamales a cherished part of our heirloom recipe collection.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 2.5 in


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