Joy for Angels

Joy for Angels

There are so many in our world that are suffering. Many who do not have the daily necessities that we may so often take for granted. Joy for Angels is an non-profit organization whose mission is to bring joy to children who are living in less fortunate circumstances. Most children look forward to the Holiday season because of presents while there are so many children who don’t have much to look forward to during the holidays.


That is where we want to come in and help a community in Mexico that we have partnered with by bringing them JOY this Holiday Season. This past year was such a touching experience being able to see the joy on all the kids faces. We were able to donate 50 bicycles and over 300 toys to many children in Mexico.


This year we would like to ask you to partner with us in this cause. If we come together and unite our resources small or large I know we can make this Christmas very memorable to these children’s lives.  You might say a toy is nothing but to them it means the world. It is a memory they will never forget. Help us make a difference by donating to Joy for Angels.


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